Connect a Muu Muu domain

This guide will walk you through connecting your domain from a Muu Muu Domain account to your WebDirect site.

Step 1 - Add your domain to WebDirect

To connect your domain to your website, you need to add the specific domain name to your WebDirect account. Your domain configuration can be managed on the ‘Domains’ page in the ‘Settings’ tab of WebDirect. In case you need help logging into your WebDirect account, please refer to this article.


Once you are on the ‘Domains’ page in WebDirect. Click on "+Add domain"


Enter your domain (be sure to include ‘www’) and click on ‘Add’. Save your changes by clicking on ‘Save’ in the lower right side of the page.



Step 2 - Set up your 301 redirects.

If you recently purchased your domain please proceed to Step 3 directly.

If you have an existing website under your personalised domain please follow these instructions and then proceed to step 3.

Step 3 - Log in to your Muu Muu Domain account

Visit and log in via the “Log in” button at the top right side of the screen.


In the next window, enter your Muu Muu ID and password.


Once you are logged in, you’ll see the ‘Domain Management’ page. Click ‘Domain Operation’, then you’ll see more options. Then click ‘Muu Muu DNS’.  


On the next screen, you’ll see a list of the Domains you own.

Click ‘Edit’, next to the domain you’d like to connect.


Step 4 - Set up your CNAME and A record

On next screen, you’ll see Setting 1 and Setting 2. In Setting 2, there is a list of DNS Records. To change your CNAME record, look for ‘CNAME’ in the type column. Add ‘www’ in the sub-domain column, then add ‘’ in content.

To change your A record, look for ‘A record’ in the type column, leave host name empty in the host name column, then add ‘’.

Once you’ve completed these steps, click ‘Setup Information Change’.


Step 5 -Setting your primary domain

The last step is to set your domain name as primary. If you have multiple domains added to your account, you will need to set only one of your domain names as primary. Your other domains will then be automatically redirected to your primary domain. Visitors who access your website will then always see this primary domain in their browser bar.

In order to set your primary domain, please follow these steps.

Hint: You can only set your domain as primary if you made the necessary changes with your domain provider. If this has not been done, you will receive the error message: ‘This domain is not ready to be set as your primary. DNS records could take up to 4 hours to update – please try again later’.

In case you need help configuring your domain, please refer to our step-by-step guide here.