Setting your primary domain

Defining a primary domain is required to successfully connect your website to your domain.

Step 1 - To set a primary domain log into your BackOffice and go to Settings > Domains.


Step 2 - In the ‘Domain redirects’ section, hover over the domain you would like to set as primary, then click on the + sign to open its menu.


Step 3 - Once the menu below your domain is visible switch from ‘Overview’ to ‘Advanced options’ and click on the blue ‘Set as Primary’ button.


Step 4 - Be sure to save your changes by confirming your choice.


Step 5 - After confirming your primary domain choice, click on ‘Save’ in the lower right side of the page.


Step 6 - Click on ‘Publish’ on the upper right corner of your BackOffice.

Please note: If you do not publish your changes, they will not be made.


NOTE: You can only set your domain as primary if you made the required changes with your domain provider. If this has not been done, you will receive the error message: ‘This domain is not ready to be set as your primary’. If you need help with configuring your domain, please refer to a step-by-step guide here.