Removing an existing domain

All of your domain configurations can be managed on your ‘Domains’ page, in your WebDirect Back Office settings. In case you need help logging into your WebDirect, please refer to this article.


Once you are on the ‘Domains’ page in WebDirect, you will see two sections: ‘Primary domain’ and ‘Domain redirects’. You can remove a domain in the section ‘Domain redirect’. To see your different options for a specific domain you can expand the view by clicking on the plus symbol next to the domain.


After expanding the view, you see the tab ‘advanced options’ below the domain name. Once you have clicked on this, you will see a button ‘delete domain’ (see screenshot). To remove the domain, please click on ‘delete domain’.


A pop-up window will ask you to confirm that you wish to delete the domain. If you are sure, please click on ‘Yes, delete.’


Be sure to save the changes by clicking ‘Save’  Your domain will then be removed from your WebDirect website.


IMPORTANT: Please note, that the system will not allow you to remove the domain set as primary domain. If you wish to delete the primary domain, you would need to set a different domain as primary domain first. Once a new primary domain has been set, you will be able to delete the previous domain. If you do not know how to set a domain as primary, please refer to this article.