WebDirect contact information

Your contact information

The contact information shown on your WebDirect website is gathered from the 'BookingSuite Direct Website' details that have been submitted in your Booking.com extranet. It is displayed on your website as shown here:


If the 'BookingSuite Direct Website' content field is not filled out, the default contact details for your WebDirect website will be the 'Primary point of contact' that is set in your Booking.com extranet. This is the same contact point for Booking.com. 

How do I change my contact details?

  1. Access your Booking.com Extranet and navigate to 'Account' in the upper-right corner of your screen;


  2. Select 'Contacts' and in the 'BookingSuite Direct Website' field, click 'Add contact';


  3. Once you have updated the contact details in the field, the information will be synced to your WebDirect website

Please note that WebDirect allows for one phone number, which will be clickable on the mobile version of your website so that your visitors can call your property directly.