Getting started with your WebDirect website

This article will give you some guidance on how to get started with your new website, all in 3 simple steps. 

You can also watch this video tutorial on how to get started with your WebDirect website. 

Step 1: Access

You can access BackOffice through Marketplace in your Extranet. Just click on Login under the WebDirect icon.

Alternatively, you can log in via

Step 2: Customize

Now that your website is live, we recommend you focus on customizing the following areas to improve your website's performance:

  1. Photos - show the quality of your property by adding homepage photos. 
  2. Pages - create brand-unique pages on your website that will convince website visitors to book a stay at your property
  3. Description: work on a personal and engaging introduction to your property. What makes your property special?

You can also watch this video tutorial on how to customize your WebDirect website.

Step 3: Optimize

Learn how to increase your website's online presence and conversion:

  1. Analytics - measuring data is key when it comes to improving your website's performance. Click here to learn how to read your analytics dashboard and identify key areas to focus on. 
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - improve your visibility on the internet by applying best practices related to SEO.


Don't have WebDirect yet? Watch our video to learn more.