Reviews play an important role when it comes to conversion and are key to the decision-making process of your potential guests; in fact, your future guests want to learn more about the experiences of guests who have already stayed at your property.

Your WebDirect Reviews feature is by default “on”. This means that your reviews will be public as long as the average score on your page is greater than 6.

*Please note that for all partners whose website went live before the 5th of June 2016, the Reviews page will not be displayed on the website until manually published. You can publish by logging into your BackOffice and clicking on Publish. 

How do I hide my Reviews?

If you wish to hide your reviews on your WebDirect website, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Content > Pages 
  2. Click on the blue arrow next to the page named Reviews
  3. Click to “Hide in Menu”

  4. Click on Save

  5. Finally, Publish your changes onto your live website.

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