The list of Amenities for your property is imported from the information listed in your Extranet.  

If you wish to modify this information please do so in your Extranet.

You have the option to Hide the Amenities page for your WebDirect website. In order to hide this page please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into BackOffice
  2. Go to Content > Pages
  3. Click on the blue icon next to the Amenities and select the option Hide in Menu
  4. Save your changes and Publish to make them visible on your website.


Additionally, you can also rename the Amenities page into Services, or Facilities.

  1. Go to Content > Pages
  2. Click on Edit on the Amenities page.

  3. At the top of the page click on the pencil close to the title Amenities.

  4. Choose the preferred title for your page. Save your changes and Publish to make them visible on your website.


Moreover, keep in mind that when you update the list of amenities in your extranet you have to Publish the new version of your WebDirect website with the updated list.