FAQs: WebDirect discontinuation

Why is WebDirect being discontinued?

We have made the difficult decision to discontinue a number of BookingSuite products, including WebDirect, ChoicePro, BookingButton, and RateIntelligence.

At Booking.com, we strive to excel in our core area of expertise- helping partners to connect with millions of travellers worldwide. With that in mind, we have decided to focus our efforts on our core business line.

When will WebDirect be discontinued?

WebDirect will be discontinued on 30 November 2020.

Will I still be charged for WebDirect?

No, there will be no WebDirect subscription or commission fees in 2020. The product will remain free of charge until the discontinuation date of 30 November 2020.

How can I cancel my WebDirect contract?

You can cancel your WebDirect directly on the extranet under the Marketplace or App Store tab. Please follow the WebDirect cancellation steps.

Will I still have support until WebDirect is discontinued?

The WebDirect Help Centre remains available until 30 November 2020. In addition to our regular Help Centre articles, we have developed all the necessary content to assist you during this transition.

Effective 26 May 2020, please note that the support for BookingSuite products has been transferred to the Booking.com Partner Support Team. Therefore, for specific questions about your product, we advise you to reach out through your Booking.com channels. Booking.com agents will be ready to assist you in your local language with any questions about your product discontinuation.

Where can I find a suitable alternative?

Due to the large variety of accommodations that we cater to globally, and given their different business needs, we are not recommending any specific product alternative. Nevertheless, you have time to research the best product alternative for your specific needs until 30 November 2020.

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Can I still receive reservations?

Yes, you will still be able to receive reservations as long as your WebDirect website is active (ultimately until 30 November 2020). For WebDirect commission partners, all your WebDirect reservations with check-out dates in 2020 and later will be commission-free.

Where can I see my reservations?

All WebDirect reservations are visible in the extranet under the Reservations tab, by selecting the filter for WebDirect. You can check this article for more details.

What will happen to my content?

Your content will remain on the platform until you cancel your contract (or ultimately until 30 November 2020). After this, you will no longer be able to access your back office.

To make this transition easier, you can also download a backup of your website content from your back office or from your Marketplace/App Store.

Can I still edit my content and publish changes?

Yes, you will be able to edit your website content while your WebDirect product is live, and up until the discontinuation date on 30 November 2020.

How can I transfer my content to a new platform?

You will have plenty of time to copy your content into a new platform, as your back office and website will remain accessible until 30 November 2020. To prepare for this transition, we advise you to:

Can I use my existing domain name for a new website?

You can use your personalised domain name for a new website. Please note that domain names that end with ‘book.direct’ are not personalised domains. These are BookingSuite-owned subdomains that can’t be transferred or used outside of the WebDirect platform.

If your domain name does not end in ‘book.direct’, it is registered either by you directly or by BookingSuite and can be used for websites outside of the WebDirect platform.

Once your new website is ready in a new platform, you have to update your domain’s DNS records accordingly. If you need support, please contact your domain provider directly.

For more details on whether you can keep your domain, please check this article

I don’t know who my domain provider is. How can I find this out?

To find out who your domain owner is, please go to who.is or icann.org, insert your website address, and check under ‘Registrar Info’. Check this article for more information: How to identify my domain provider.

BookingSuite registered a domain name for me. How can I request a domain transfer from BookingSuite?

If BookingSuite is the owner of your custom domain, you should have received an email with a domain transfer code (otherwise known as EPP code). This unique code will allow you to claim ownership of your domain name.

For more details on domain transfers, please check this article

Are there any costs for the BookingSuite domain transfer?

BookingSuite will not charge you for the domain transfer. However, you will be responsible for any other costs associated with the new hosting and the renewal of the domain subscription when it expires.

For specific details, please reach out to your preferred domain provider directly.

How will my current website’s Google ranking and SEO be affected if I have to work with a new website provider?

While search engine ranking is influenced by hundreds of possible variables, moving a website to another platform could cause a temporary drop in ranking, which is why it’s recommended to keep your website format the same as in the original, and make sure 301 redirects are done on your new website. A 301 redirect tells search engines that a page from your old website should go to the corresponding page on your new website.

Your new website provider can help you out with this process.