WebDirect offboarding checklist

Below you can find information to keep in mind while transferring your website to a new provider.

Your WebDirect website will be discontinued on 30 November 2020. Please consider that transferring a website (content and domain) may take several days.

1. Save all content from your WebDirect website onto a computer

2. Get a new website provider and create a new website

3. Once your new website is created, make sure you or your new website provider are able to do the following:

  • 301 redirects (pages from your old website should redirect to your new website)
  • Make sure your new website is secure and mobile-responsive
  • Apply title tags and meta descriptions for each page
  • Use free Google tools:
    • Insert your Google Analytics tracking code into your new website platform
    • Submit your new sitemap to Google using Google Search Console

4. If your WebDirect website is using a customised domain name

(also known as a customised website address, for example, www.myhotel.com), 

5. If your WebDirect website address ends with a ‘book.direct’ subdomain name;

6. Access all your WebDirect reservations on your Booking.com Extranet.

7. Cancel your WebDirect product.