How to add your WebDirect booking engine to your Facebook business page

We recommend you to add your WebDirect booking engine link in your Facebook business page so that all your visitors or followers will be able to make a direct reservation in just a few clicks.

Customize your booking engine link

Please follow the instructions below to retrieve and customize your WebDirect booking engine link:

Step 1: Go to your WebDirect website.

Step 2: Start the reservation process by inserting check in and check out dates (any dates in the future) and click on ‘book now’.

Step 3: You will be forwarded to the first step of the booking process and your booking engine link will become available on your navigation bar. It will look similar to this example:

Step 4: Copy the entire booking engine link in a document where you can perform the modifications explained in steps 5, 6 and 7 below.

Step 5: Delete the language code from the link (in the below example the language code is en-gb). Also remove the / before the code.  The part to remove is highlighted in the screenshot below:

Step 6: Then, delete the check-in and check-out dates from the link. The highlighted text in the example below shows you which part needs to be removed.

Step 7: Add: f=1 at the end of the link

The result of the correct link to add on Facebook looks like this:

Step 8: Copy and paste the link into the navigation bar of your browser (for example Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and check if this link is forwarding you to the booking page of your WebDirect site.

Step 9: If yes, save the link in a note or word document, so you can copy it from there into Facebook.

Add your WebDirect booking engine link to your Facebook business page

We recommend you to add a “call-to-action” button on your property’s Facebook Page so that your Facebook followers/visitors can make a direct reservation:

Step 1 - Go to your Facebook Page and click on +Add a Button (or edit your current one)

Step 2 - Select the “Book Now” option

Step 3 - Select “Link to a Website” and insert the link of your WebDirect booking engine, which you have retrieved and saved previously, onto your Facebook page.



Step 4 - Finish your changes.

Now you’ll be able to receive direct reservations through your Facebook Page.