Google Site Verification

What is Google Site Verification?

Site verification helps to confirm that you own your website. 

You’ll need to be verified to use Google Search Console, a free service that helps you monitor and maintain your website's position in Google Search results. Once you’re verified, you can use Google Search Console to access your site’s private Google Search data and decide how Google Search indexes your content.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to sign up for Search Console for your site to be included in Google's search results. But doing so can help you understand how Google views your site, and help you to optimise its performance.

How do I get my website verified?

To verify your website, you’ll need to get a Google Verification ID and insert it into your WebDirect BackOffice. Google will then check to make sure the Verification ID is there, and verify your website once it has found it.

How can I get my Google Verification ID?

  1. Go to the Google Search Console and enter the HTTPS version of your www domain, for example
  2. Click on the grey Add property button. 2018-09-18_16h55_58.png
  3. Click on HTML tag under Other verification methods

  4. Your meta tag code will appear. Copy the part right after 'content=' (everything between the quotation marks). This is your Google Site Verification ID.

  5. Follow the instructions below to insert this code in your WebDirect BackOffice. (Keep the Google Search Console page open you will need it again later.)

How do I insert my Google Verification ID in BackOffice?

  1. Log in to your BackOffice and go to Settings > Tag Manager

  2. Click on the yellow New Tag button and select Google Site Verification

  3. Paste the Google Site Verification ID that you copied earlier

  4. Click on Save and then Publish

  5. 2018-10-30_10h52_05.png2018-10-30_10h53_19.png
  6. Finally, go back to the Google Search Console page and click on the grey Verify button2018-09-18_17h00_10.png