Privacy policy

Every WebDirect website includes a default privacy policy. It’s fully compliant with European GDPR legislation and it is automatically translated into all of the languages available on your WebDirect website.

Create your own custom privacy policy

If you’d prefer to create a custom policy, here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on ‘Content’ and then on ‘Pages’ and ‘Privacy policy’.
  2. Tick ‘Create your own policy’ and then save your changes.


You can type your custom privacy policy into the text box. We won’t translate this automatically – you can translate it yourself or display it only in the language you write it in.

These are some things you should include in your privacy policy:

    • Information collection
      What information you collect about customers and others – such as email addresses, phone numbers and credit card information – and how you collect it
    • Sharing information
      If and how you share information with partners, affiliates or others


  • Effectiveness


The date your privacy policy is applicable from. This can be as simple as 'effective as of 1 January 2020'.

You’re responsible for making sure your policy complies with the law in your country, state or region. You should also make sure you keep it up to date and that it reflects the way you currently collect and handle information.

If you’re using rates and availability, or a custom URL for BookingEngine, we’ll display the and BookingSuite fixed terms along with your custom privacy policy. You can’t edit these fixed terms.


If you don’t want to use your own privacy policy, you can use our standard policy by ticking the ‘Recommended policy’ option and then saving your changes.