How do I make a custom contact form?

What is a custom contact form?

You can create forms so guests can contact you about specific topics. When guests fill in the form, their message is sent directly to you by email. Custom contact forms are useful for handling questions and requests about events and trips during a guest’s stay.

How do I build a custom contact form?

  1. Log in to your WebDirect BackOffice
  2. Click on ‘Content’ and then on ‘Pages’
  3. Click on the ‘Edit’ button next to the name of the page you want to add a form to
  4. Click on 'Insert' and then on 'Form'2.1.31.png
  1. Choose a category and title from the drop-down menus
  2. In the ‘Recipient email address’ box, choose the email address where you want the message from the form to be sent.
  3. In the ‘Organise form’ section, drag and drop the different fields to reorder them
  4. Click on the green ‘+’ (plus) or red ‘-’ (minus) button next to each field to add it to or remove it from your form.
  5. Click on the ‘Optional’ or ‘Required’ button next to each field to change whether guests are required to fill it out or not.

How do I add more recipients?

The email addresses shown in the ‘Recipient email address’ drop-down menu are taken from the ‘BookingSuite Direct Website’ section of your extranet.

You’ll need to log in to your extranet if you want to add more contacts. You can do this by clicking on the question mark icon next to ‘Recipient email address’ and then clicking on the link that appears.

This will take you straight to your extranet so you can add more email addresses. Once you’ve done that, they will automatically appear in the ‘Recipient email address’ drop-down menu in your WebDirect BackOffice.

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