Your Homepage Slideshow

What is the homepage slideshow, and how can I edit it?

Your homepage slideshow is a revolving selection of photos that gives your website visitors their first impression of your accommodation and your brand.

To engage your visitors and draw them into exploring your website, it’s important to show these potential guests what makes your property unique, attractive and different from competitors.

You can edit your slideshow photos at any time, but we suggest including an exterior photo, a room photo and photos highlighting unique amenities or your local area. If you’re based in a seasonal destination, consider using photos that match the current season.

As guests want to clearly see what they’ll experience during their stay, the quality of photos has a direct impact on whether they actually book. That’s why we recommend high-resolution photography to fully showcase your property in the homepage slideshow – meaning a minimum of 3-6 horizontal (landscape) photos of at least 1920x1080 pixels.

To edit your homepage slideshow photos, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your WebDirect BackOffice.
  2. Under the ‘Content’ tab, click on ‘Pages’.
  3. Under ‘Primary menu’ and opposite ‘Homepage’, click on ‘Edit’.
  4. In the top-right corner of your ‘Homepage slideshow’, click on the blue drop-down menu and select ‘Edit Album’.
  5. Click on the yellow ‘Add Photos’ button to add new images.
  6. To change the running order, use your mouse to drag and drop the photos.
  7. In the top-right corner of each image, click on the blue drop-down menu to view, crop or delete the image. Make sure you crop your images to achieve the best results.
  8. Click on ‘Preview’ to check your photos, then ‘Publish’ to make them visible to your website visitors.

Please note that the size of the pictures should be within the following measurements: Minimum 300x300 pixel and maximum 14000x14000 pixel,  minimum 100KB and maximum 8 MB.

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